Leading a Remote Workforce

Leading a Remote Workforce

Having to deal with a global pandemic was not in anyone's business plan for 2020. Scientists and public health officials are working night and day to overcome the virus. However, if you listen closely to them, it is clear that there isn't going to be a remedy before the end of 2020, and maybe not until the end of 2021. Are you and your executive staff addressing any of those concerns?

Your company did its best to compensate and to keep things going. But it is time now to take a hard look at how to keep everyone safe. Stop operating in wire-and-duct-tape mode and start embracing a well-planned remote/work-from-home culture. There are compelling reasons to make this change immediately.

Is your company thinking about a remote workforce?

  Not really thinking if ...

  Starting to think if...

You still plan to have in-person gatherings before the end of 2020. In-person gatherings are being reformatted to be delivered virtually.
Your HR department still adds "remote until December, and then on-site" to their job descriptions. The HR department is working to adjust employee evaluations for remote work.
You are not providing equipment other than a laptop to your remote workers. Requests for monitors, keyboards, and a decent work chair are being considered.
Executives have not asked front-line managers how the team is functioning remotely. Executives are adjusting KPIs to match how work is done on remote teams.
Front-line managers do not regularly meet with their workers to assess their productivity and remove obstacles. Front-line managers are monitoring workload and productivity, and managing distractions.
Requests for more helpdesk staff and improved network equipment are being declined. The IT department is adding network bandwidth, improving access, and adding helpdesk staff.

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This toolkit helps you organize a permanent work-from-home option.


Maybe you don't know where to begin ...

There is good news! We've compiled an Executive Pandemic Response Toolkit to help you. It'll help you take a step back, consider the issues the pandemic has created, and finally make a plan.

We believe that committing to a remote workforce is the safest way to conduct business for now, and we've got some ideas on how to help you make that happen.

Simply complete the form at right, and you'll have immediate access to this 32-page PDF containing the key concepts and an action plan to get you started.

But that's not the end of the discussion.

No two companies are alike, so let us help you expand your initial plan into actionable steps. We offer executive planning services, remote management and team coaching, and implementation supervision, all delivered virtually.

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